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"Edutainment at its best!"   -  "Brilliant!"  -  "Engrossing and enthralling!"



"Just wanted to drop you a line to say a big Thank You for your performances yesterday.
They were outstanding as always.
A fantastic time was had by all."

Dr Mark Venables - Norwich School

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With a background as a science teacher, becoming part of Johnny Ball's "Living History of Science" team seemed inevitable, combining all of David's skills. Since 1996 he has been entertaining and educating audiences nationwide as a flamboyant Sir Isaac Newton. In 2001 he added Isambard Kingdom Brunel to his repertoire and in the same year Sir Isaac opened the Southwold Summer Festival's lunchtime season to great acclaim. He has even proved very popular with the WI..! 2009 saw the arrival of Michael Faraday and 2017 Alexander Graham Bell.

Since then he's developed his highly popular Mathmagics presentations, The Great Fire Project and more - all of which have been received extremely well in schools and other venues across the country.

Ideal for KS2 and KS3 all David's shows have been greatly enjoyed by KS1 and KS4 as well.
They also go down extremely well in Special Needs Schools
In fact there is something in each for everyone..!!

David's is also the voice of the glossary for many of the CDRoms accompanying Science Textbooks published by Longman, AQA, Edexcel, Pearson Education and more..!

In addition to his hugely popular and successful Johnny Ball shows, David also now presents Mathmagics, an interactive maths show, adapable for all ages and developed alongside Johnny Ball, unforgettable interactive lectures on Spectrometry, Atomic Structure and Nuclear Power and is the co-creator of "Maths Circus" a circus-themed maths workshop.

David also developed and regularly leads workshops for 8-10 year-olds on
Separation Techniques, Uranium Enrichment and Nuclear Power
for the government-owned company

"The Workshop was great. The children were involved.
Enthusiastic, hands-on approach. Very practical.
Good questioning at the right level."

For more about the Living History of Science characters visit
Johnny Ball Productions
call 01753 643621
or email Johnny or David.

For David's own projects, email or call David directly on 07973 429 716.

To hear Sir Isaac - click here
For more information visit David's dedicated teachers' website:


For details of the individual shows, see below or click the links above.

Short notice enquiries for bookings are always welcome.


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Meet Sir Isaac Newton

Meet Sir Isaac Newton is a fast moving, often hilarious, yet hugely informative one-man-show conceived, written and directed by Johnny Ball ("Think of a Number" etc) and performed by actor and former science teacher David Hall (English Shakespeare Co, the BBC's Big Toe Radio Show, The National Theatre in London's West End and London's Young Vic Theatre).

Sir Isaac Newton explodes into the room and an hour later has told you of his life and achievements as well as demonstrated (frequently using members of the audience as volunteers) many of his ground breaking theories and discoveries - with many a squirmingly corny joke along the way..

..as well as the achievements of some of the giants upon whose shoulders he stood: Archimedes, Kepler and Galileo.

Meet Sir Isaac Newton is guaranteed to entertain and inspire even the least ?scientifically minded? from age 7 upwards. You will be amazed what you can understand and how much fun science can be...!

Meet Sir Isaac Newton has been performed to universal acclaim in schools and colleges throughout the country, secondary, primary and special, as well as for the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Kent's ASE, the Southwold Summer Festival, the Jodrell Bank Science Centre and even the WI...!

Comments received have included:

"All pupils, including a number of Year 6 pupils from visiting primary schools, were enthralled."

"They gained knowledge not only of the wide range of Newton's theories but also the background history to the times."

"A professional and well prepared show."

Helen Isherwood KS3 coordinator, The Radclyffe School, Oldham.

"Sir Isaac Newton, played by David Hall, was a great hit. He brings enthusiasm, vitality and realism to the character and his audience were transfixed. This was Edutainment at its best. We'll certainly have him back."

Dr David Lewis, Uppingham School, Rutland.

"The talk by Isaac Newton was discussed endlessly on the way home and again in class the next day. It made a big impression."

Paul Ridd, Head of Science, Tonbridge School.

"What a complete joy it was, AND we learned a lot. It was a fab performance - totally captivating the room and making us all believe we really were in the presence of the great man"

Audience member, Southwold Summer Festival

"Brought science to life!"

Jan Greenhalgh, Gloucestershire SATRO

And from St Ives School, Cornwall :


"Brilliant !!"

"I really learned a lot about what Sir Isaac Newton did! "

"I didn't realise that he did so much and invented so many things! "

"He was really funny! "

"I wish my science teacher was as good as him! "


"Very interesting and I am not a science teacher!"

"I bet the kids have learned a lot of science without realising it!"

"Good pace and well presented!"

"I was enthralled from beginning to end!"

"He put across the discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton in a humorous but well organised thorough way. I was impressed!"

"Hope to see you again next year!"

As a man whose discoveries and methods influenced the arts, the sciences and changed the way mankind understood the Universe itself, and whose impact is still felt more than three centuries later, one of the world's greatest geniuses, what better way to inspire your imaginations than to...

Meet Sir Isaac Newton!

For further information and to visit David's dedicated teachers' Website click here
For booking enquiries click here


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Isambard Kingdom Brunel

One of Britain's greatest ever engineers and voted sixth in the BBC's Great Britons contest (Newton was fourth), the irrepressible Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a man for whom nothing was impossible and whose achievements changed the face not only of Britain, but of the world. A truly inspiring example to us all!



"MANY thanks for the superb show you put on for us on Friday. The children and their teachers thought the show was fantastic, and I know the boys came out singing the IKB song! It was all very impressive, indeed."

Neil Ingram, Head of Science, Clifton College, Bristol

IKB with pupils from Fowey Community College, Cornwall.

In his animated lecture David Hall as Brunel presents all his major achievements:

The magnificent Clifton Suspension Bridge, deemed by Telford to be over ambitious and impossibly wide.

The (literally) groundbreaking Thames Tunnel at Rotherhithe, a project of his father Marc from whom Isambard took over at the age of only twenty. The technology by which this tunnel was made through the waterlogged and porous soils under the Thames was adopted as the new tunnelling technique for the world. There were five floodings and dozens of deaths, yet Brunel persevered and after eighteen years the first tunnel in the world under a metropolitan river was opened. It is still there and still in use to this day! When even the great miner and engineer Trevithick failed even to sink a shaft, how did he do it? Brunel will explain!

The Great Western Railway, a railway that literally changed time as timetables had to be drawn up which worked from East to West and back again. Six weeks on horseback (at the age of twenty-six) to survey the route which became known as Brunel's Billiard Table. An adventure in architecture: not only did he create the means to build the railway, but Brunel designed all the stations and sidings along the way as an architectural tour form the Great Glass Arches at Paddington to the Castle at Bristol Temple Meads. Brunel's railway was wider, faster and safer than any railway before or since. Along the way he will explain the sweeping elliptical arches crossing the Thames at Maidenhead (made famous in Turner's epic "Rain Steam and Speed") - they said it couldn't be done, but he did it! - and the famous two-mile long Box Tunnel, the longest tunnel in the world at the time (again deemed an impossibility).

The three Great steamships: the Great Western, the Great Britain and
the Great Eastern: the first the fastest passenger ship ever to cross the Atlantic (once in just 12 days and 6 hours!), the second a truly ground-breaking vessel, full of firsts: the first screw-driven ship, the first iron ship, the biggest ship in the world with the biggest engines ever made, an entirely new kind of rudder (which still compares extremely favourably with the most advanced designs of today), whole new construction techniques were designed to make her and she is the forerunner of all modern ocean-going liners of today. The Great Britain sailed 31 times around the world covering over a million nautical miles in her 90 years (!) of service - and Brunel conceived and built her! And finally The Great Eastern Steamship: 240 metres long, 30 000 tonnes, a propeller and paddle wheels, she could carry enough fuel to take her to the other side of the world and she required two neighbouring shipyards on the Thames to build her - her launch chains may be seen behind Brunel on his famous picture. But why build such a vessel? Again, the unstoppable IK Brunel will explain...!

Through his achievements, peppered with his extraordinary adventures - and with the help of many intrepid volunteers from the audience - Brunel covers many of the essential processes of Physics and Engineering: forces, bridges, arches and much more, but above all this he demonstrates how, if you put your mind to it and are not daunted by criticism or the possibility of failure, you can achieve anything!

"Just because it hasn't been done before, doesn't mean it can't be done!"  All you have to do is decide to do it, put your mind to it and begin !

A truly inspiring lecture by a man whose colossal achievements surround us to this day:

Isambard Kingdom Brunel !

For booking enquiries click here



"Thank you for coming to the Discovery Zone at Lincolnshire Show 2006, the feedback from people we have spoken to has been terrific. Your visit really added a highlight to the area for everyone."

Louise Rose, Bentley Independent Education Advisors

"I wanted to forward a belated thank you for entertaining the youngsters of Ellesmere Port junior schools last month. The shows were very successful and well received. I would be interested in booking again for next year "

Jayne Hallett, Public Relations, Urenco Ltd


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Michael Faraday: The Father of Electricity


Another shockingly inspiring show from Johnny Ball's repertoire, David brings to life Michael Faraday, demonstrating and explaining the origins of his work on electricity, his acheivements and how they impact and effect us now in our 21st Century Electrical Wonderland.

For more information contact:    davidshall@mac.com or Johnny Ball Productions.


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Alexander Graham Bell and the Romantic Story of the invention of the Telephone..!


Another wonderful interactive show - commissioned by one of the schools David visits annually - the AGB show dives into the physics of sound and the amazing history of telecommunication across the ages.

To find out more click here or email:   davidshall@mac.com.


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Float! - Buoyancy and the Science of Ships



Feeling the Buoyant Force!

Seeing the Buoyant Force in Action!

Measuring the Buoyant Force!

Understanding and Explaining Buoyancy!

Understanding Streamlining and Stability

Originally conceived and built for HMS Belfast and The Royal Society,
David's excellent interactive exhibition makes
a superb introduction
to the Physics of Buoyancy and the Science of Ships!

"We were absolutely delighted with the time we spent there and were extremely impressed with both the displays and your interaction with the children, helping our boys to understand the various principles of science associated with water displacement, buoyancy, water pressure, etc. They loved every minute.

I'll be passing your information on to our local schools, as I can really see how your sort of presentation could enrich their education programmes immensely.

With kindest regards

Janet M'Caw

Visitor to HMS Belfast
Summer 2010

Spanning seven tables, which may be encountered in order or as part of a carousel of experiments, participants are encouraged to investigate and experience what buoyancy is, how strong the buoyant force actually is and what actually causes it - alongside investigating and finding out about key concepts such as stability and streamlining and their importance in the deign of ships.

This exhibition can easily be adapted to suit a wide age and ability range from KS1 to KS3 - whether it's an introduction to what floats and what doesn't or a detailed investigation to
what makes things float anyway..!!!

To book "Float! - Buoyancy and the Science of Ships" for your school or discuss possibilities call David on  07973 429 716 or email davidshall@mac.com


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Atomic Structure and Nuclear Power... or... Atomic Structure and Bonding...

A customisable lecture....!



Another popular interactive show for all ages including David's characteristically fun and quite unforgettable interactive demonstrations.

Atomic Structure, Isotopes, Bonding and States of Matter are all covered, leading to an understanding how we can harness the energy from nuclei themselves to generate electricity.

Alternatively, David will happily customise this presentation to include or omit any topic areas
you require - from quanta to chemical bonding, crystal structures and beyond...

To find out more or discuss possibilities call  07973 429 716  or email davidshall@mac.com


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What are spectra?

What is spectrometry?

Why do scientists use it?

How do the compounds they analyse relate to our everyday lives?

And what's all that got to do with microwave ovens and babies' toys..?

Brush up your understanding of Colours, Sounds and the Electromagnetic Spectrum, discover how and why bonds move and how lying on a beach can help us find out about neon lights in this entertaining and absorbing interactive lecture, specially developed for the Kent Education and Business partnership.

For more information call  07973 429 716  or email davidshall@mac.com


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"Mathmagics" !


A brilliant, animated and interactive lecture highlighting the amazing worlds of Mathematics and teaching some excellent tricks along the way.!!

Highly adaptable, motivating and fun for all ages and abilities.

"Inspired our top Year 8s, even engaged and motivated the low ability Year 11s ~ and astounded the teachers too!  We'll definitely rebook."
John Harding, Royston High School, Barnsley.

"Another engrossing and enthralling session that exercised the grey matter. Absolutely brilliant. Everybody really enjoyed themselves. There have been a lot of happy faces, and inspired , enthused and uplifted children here. So thank you and thank you again."
Shelagh Edwards, Gifted and Talented co-ordinator, Chesham.

For more information click here

For enquiries call  07973 429 716  or email  davidshall@mac.com


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 A challenging, active and fun workshop combining Circus and Maths
and a great resource for teachers too..!!



Developed alongside long-term friend, colleague and AST math teacher, Nick McIvor, "Maths Circus" is a unique and exciting interactive project combining Mathematics, Circus and Performance, specifically aimed at increasing the confidence and ability of students who feel themselves to be weak at maths, although it's also proved highly successful for more able students too...

...whilst giving teachers tried and tested, active and interactive, innovative, physical and highly enjoyable new techniques for teaching and reinforcing basic number skills.

In a two day event the students firm up on number bonds, master multiplication tables once considered unmasterable, reinforce their understanding of factors, common factors, multiples, primes, place values (even simple equations) and generally have a great time in the process.


The whole event culminates in a circus-themed performance to an invited audience celebrating and demonstrating the various skills they have acquired !

A unique resource for teachers looking to teach maths in an active, fun and highly memorable way.

Maths Circus not only develops maths skills but also encompasses and encourages team-work, creativity and expressiveness too. It is ideal for years 6 and 7, though it works excellently with other ages too.

Feedback received includes: "Great fun!?  and  ?I wish we could have done more maths"
(We actually did loads, they just didn't notice..!)

To find out more about Maths Circus
call David on 07973 429 716
or email him by clicking here !

Maths Circus - a dynamic, fun, inspiring and original way to learn and revise numeracy skills - and a superb resource for teachers !!


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The Great Fire Project

aka "The Great Conflagration - How would you rebuild your city.?!"


In the midst of your assembly or class - and quite unannounced - the renowned diarists Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn burst into the room - in the midst, the very midst - of the Great Fire of London of 1666...!!

How can they fight it?  What have they seen and heard?  And what if it happened now?  In your very town or city..?!

How might that be rebuilt...?!

Using contemporary accounts, modern research and the words of these two great diarists, David Hall and Clive Greenwood (Theatre Museum, Maritime Museum, Science Museum, Imperial War Museum at al) recreate the drama, panic, sights and scenes of "The Most Lamentable Conflagration" - and lead your pupils to consider: how would they rebuild their area if they were to start again from scratch...?

What would stay?  What change?  What traditions or elements should be saved?  How would their design reflect our modern world, its laws and needs? Places of worship, public amenities? Transport systems, accesibility, materials, technologies: all these need to be considered.  What is actually necessary and what a luxury?  And what are their responsibilities to the people who live and/or work there and shall do in the future? What are their responisbilities to the environment?

All these questions and many more may be considered following the Great Men's visit and - with suggestions from us - you will be free to develop this project in whatever direction you wish: design, technology, arts, crafts, model-making, computer graphics, citizenship, architecture, history, debating, drama... The possibilities are endless...

Some schools have even secured a local Town Planner to judge their pupils' work...!

What we will provide is an introductory event of high impact, historical accuracy and poignancy and a springboard to questioning what is important - or even vital - to a community.

An historical project looking to the future...  which may be linked to the widest range of curriculum areas.

David Hall and Clive Greenwood as Samuel Pepys and Sir John Evelyn:  an unforgettable stimulus to launch a fascinating project.

What would you do...?!

For more information contact David on 07973 429 716 or email by clicking here!


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The Solar System - a Dramatic Voyage across the Solar System...!


Launch your pupils into space !
with the rather eccentric Captain I. Dunarf-Getaboutalot
as he guides them on an exhilarating trip across the solar system
gathering information for his very next Tourists' Guide..!

Dynamic, fun and awe-inspiring,
a fully-interactive introduction to the wonders and vastness of our Solar System
that they (and you) will never forget..!.

To find out more call David on  07973 429 716  or email  davidshall@mac.com


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Future Projects


David is always happy to consider developing future projects combining History, Science, Maths, Education and Entertainment. If you have any suggestions or requests , he would be delighted to hear.  Simply email David at  davidshall@mac.com


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