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David's Corporate work - facilitation, coaching, roleplaying, presenting and training videos has spanned the UK and Europe and now takes him to the US and the Middle and Far East.

Clients range from executives from internationally recognised companies to local housing corporations.

With a background in psychology, NLP and many other business tools and models, David very much enjoys this aspect of his work, helping others to reach their full potentials.

He has also worked as a Presenter and a highly enthusiastic and knowledgable Tour Guide !




David is an experienced, caring and talented facilitator, striving always to bring care, dynamism, new perspectives and creativity to all his work and draw out the best from all his clients and participants.

David is an affiliate and facilitator for The Ariel Group (based just outside Boston, Massachusetts) running programs in Leadership Presence for top executives globally. He has also facilitated for Replay, introducing new systems for edf energy across the UK, for the Garnett Foundation (diversity courses involving a performance, discussions and Forum Theatre scenes) for clients including Police and Fire Services, the Royal Navy, the RAF, Universities, Housing Associations, Charities and NHS Trusts .

Clients for The Ariel Group include HSBC, RBS, American Express, Booz & Co, Merrill Lynch, Proctor and Gamble, eBay and Oliver Wyman and programs alongside Duke Education and Harvard Business School.

The Ariel Group also runs programs for non-profit organisations, making their programs available to organisations otherwise unable to afford them.

For more about the superb work of The Ariel Group click on their logo.

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Building on his work above and bringing to bear his skills and training as an actor as well as an executive coach, David loves working one-to-one workshops with private clients, tailoring the work to their needs at the time. Topics have included Presence, Presentations, Voice, Making Connections, Making a Difference and Making an Impact and Careers Coaching.

He brings his trademark passion for exploration, curiosity, dynamism and care to guide and nurture his clients and develop and build their skills.

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As a professional roleplayer David has worked on training, recruitment and assessment centres across Britain and abroad since 1995.

He works both independently and through agencies such as Roleplays for Training, Interact, Actor Factor, Steps, Dramanon, React Acting for Business and Dramatic Training Solutions, and Sold Out Trainers.

The work may be improvised, scripted or semi-scripted and frequently involves Forum Theatre techniques (self-facilitated or otherwise) and feedback given in various styles, written or in person.

David greatly enjoys his roleplaying work and is proud not only to work to a consistently high standard but also to be involved in a job which is both enjoyable and challenging, as well as being highly valued by trainers and participants alike.

He prides himself in making the characters he plays not only believable and consistent, but also pitching them to the optimum level to both challenge and support the individuals concerned - and his work has been described as "World Class" (BAE Systems Executive Management Team).

David is delighted and proud to provide an invaluable and reliable resource to enhance every participant's training and experience.

Clients include

BT, Accenture, Pearson (Longman, Financial Times and Penguin), Barclays Capital, Lloyds TSB, BUPA, Domino, Vodafone, Orange, The General Medical Council, The London Fire Brigade, Marriott Hotels, Whitbread, TGI Friday, The College of Law, Pearl Assurance, Direct Line, The Ministry of Defence, Borough and County Councils, Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Marconi, The Inland Revenue, Visa, Nationwide, KPMG, Chelsea & Westminster and Guy's & St Thomas' Hospitals, Group4 Security, Greene King Breweries and BAE Systems.

Roles include

Office workers, sales reps, telephonists, brewery operatives, engineers, council tenants, managers, financial directors and all manner of people in between. With his background in Science Teaching, David is also very comfortable in educational, scientific and technological roles.

Training companies include

As a roleplayer David has worked alongside companies including

Dramatic Training Solutions

Veasy and Rowe
Pharos 8
RADA for Business

McKenna Breen Human Systems
Water for Fish
Creative Forum

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As an actor David has played memorable characters in many corporate videos for inhouse training or conference use. These include:

A great and poor sales rep in a training film for Astra Zeneca directed by by Han Foo of Foo Films, "Baz", an almost "prehistorically" old school manager in the company "Liability Limited", again for Foo Films in asscociation with Catalyst HR Ltd, a Senior Board Members for Securicor and Group Four Securities, an Extremely Harrassed Office Worker for Ikon in the one-man "Photocopier Saga" monologue, both directed by Harlan Cockburn for Malachy Malloy Associates, an Enthusiastic Photographer in "What's Your Passion?" directed by Richard Messina for Nikon and two videos by Chrome Productions.

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David's skill and style bring strength, intelligence, fun, enthusiasm and vitality to all the work he does.

David's science background makes him quite at home in all manner of presentations including technical, whilst his experiences in Facilitating, Tour guiding and presenting his interactive Science, Maths and History Shows give him the skills to command, enchant, entice and inspire all manner of audiences.

Aside from his extensive teaching work in a wide variety of secondary and Primary school environments (1985-2004), David has presented various projects.

These include:

Tomorrows World Live DFEE stand with Johnny Ball - presenting Science and Maths to wide and diverse audiences - how exciting and how much fun they can be! The stand was enormously successful and assessed by many present (IBM etc.) to be the best in the show.

"The Mind Zone Show" for BAe Sytems at the Millennium Dome 2000, devised and written by BAe Sytems and Johnny Ball. Again extremely successful: the feedback on their day at the Dome was universally higher from those who had begun their day at our presentation than those who hadn't.

Spoof Presentations as part of a corporate roleplay for Commercial Union in order to highlight what makes a presentation good! This has been repeated on a number of occasions as part of their staff development programme.

"Embracing Diversity" - presenting and facilitating many courses for The Garnett Foundation. for organisations as diverse as The Royal Navy, the RAF, the NHS, Housing Associations and Tenants' groups, South Yorkshire Police, tertiary colleges and the voluntary sector.

BT's Top Clients Entertainment working as both a presenter and actor - as well as dining with the guests! -in a series of conferences hosted by BT for their top UK clients at luxury country hotels and compiled and co-presented by the actor Paul Darrow (famous for his role as Avon in Blake's Seven..!).

Tour Guiding David regularly "presents" London, Edinburgh and many other parts of Britain with great love and enthusiasm to large groups of American adults and students over here for the London or Edinburgh Parades - A job he loves! See below.

Presentations in role have included:

One-man shows as famous scientists from history for Johnny Ball's Living History of Science company - performances nationwide since 1996 for schools, universities, companies such as Jaguar and even the WI..!

The Ghost of Adam Opel for Opel Cars at the Geneva Motor Show

Various characters at the launches of Segaworld and the Swatch Bleep

A spoof Mastermind contestant at a product launch for 3Com and Fastnet


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David loves his guiding work and works regularly as a
Tour Guide and Coordinator for Destination Events on their
London New Year's Day Parade and Edinburgh Easter Parade events.

"We at Andover High School in Bloomfield Hills, MI were most fortunate to have had David Hall as our Resource Person and liason during our week long trip to Edinburgh and London in 2004. He is very bright, well spoken, and quite dedicated to the well being of the groups under his care. We were especially impressed with his "people skills" in handling demanding situations and soothing frayed nerves. We would be delighted to be associated with David in any capacity in the future.?

Robert H. Ambrose Director of Bands, Andover High School

"David is one in a million. His ability to communicate inter culturally is outstanding. It was our privilege to become acquainted with this remarkable man when our musical/comedy group traveled to London to perform in the New Year's Day Celebration. David was able to gracefully manage our performance group of enthusiastic American women while imparting valuable historic, logistic, and social information in an interesting and entertaining manner. We consider him to be a friend for life, and describe him as simply brilliant"!

Mikki Stevens, President, The Red Hot Mamas



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